What should I do? Give him a chance?

I had a thing with a guy last year, but he had a girlfriend at the time. When summer came, we just stopped contact and he went through the whole year of being with his girlfriend. Now, exactly a year later, his girlfriend and him broke up and he made a Facebook to get in contact with me because he no longer had my number--- now he's saying he wants to talk, that he made big mistakes, and that last year he didn't know how to handle the situation.

What should I do?


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  • Well if I was him I would do the same thing because saying no to a girl like is surely a mistake at my end you are hot and you seem to have a caring loving nature

    I say play a little hard to get, leave him a few clues that you are ready to be with him but want surity that he won't run away and he will surely be the prince charming you always dreamt about

    Damn why doesn't god send hot chicks like you in my life

    • Should I keep talking to him for now? Meet up in person? He made me really sad over the summer because he never got in touch because he still had his girlfriend then and they broke up very recently so now he can talk to me. How can I play hard to get or make him work for it a little?

    • Go meet him

      Dress up like you want him but don't let him touch you

      Tell him that you have feelings for him but you are afraid that he would hurt you

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  • You want to be the (future) cheated-on girlfriend?

    Go for it.

    But then he could be the future cheated-on boyfriend.

  • I agree with the pp. I will also add, the rebound GF.

    This may not be the case, but most times it is. If you think this guy is sincere in what he says, take it 'VERY' slow. Make him prove that you are the "true" girl for him.

    • how can I prove that though? Should I keep talking to him for now? Meet up with him in person ?

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