Dating his ex boyfriend? Y/N?

Tom: Me

d***: The Guy I was seeing before.

Jerry: d***'s ex.

I was seeing d*** and hanging out with him a bit an got to see a good side of him until I seen him make out 2 people at the same time in the club one night, where I just happened to meet Jerry who was still dating him at the time. Jerry and I have gotten close lately and he tells me how d*** treated him badly and how they still antagonize each other and I understand where he's coming from cause If I hadn't gone out that night I would not have known he'd done that.

So I don't speak to d*** anymore but I have been keeping in contact with Jerry a lot and we go out and he comes back to my place sometimes, nothing happens just so you know, But I've been told that people see something blossoming between us but I'm not sure about the extra baggage with d*** still kinda there, ya know?

Jerry is a nice guy otherwise...Im jut not sure with whole "going after the ex" scenario.

So should I or shouldn't I? Opinions would be fab right now :) thanks.


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  • This makes absolutely no sense what so ever

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