About this girl... what do you think?

So, I joined a modeling agency, and ofc. there's plenty of girls in it. I'm practically the only guy that comes to class. So there's this girl out of them all that I like, and she likes me too. I knew she liked me, uk you can tell it pretty obviously by when we talk here and there in class, so last night we had a fashion show. and it went great, so after that, when it was time for people to go, I gave her a hug, nd asked for her number. So ofcourse she gives it to me, and I didn't text her after that. since it was late & you know the rule.

Never text a girl right after getting her number, because it comes off as being thirsty, needy, clingy, and unattractive. So I waited til the morning, I hit her with a funny yet charming text. not overdone though, so.. lol she asked the no brainer, "what made you want my number? :) " and I told her cause I like her.. and she asked why and I explained. and stuff.

so she said she likes me too, and she said why. and then I just said ty to the text, to what she said she liked about me.. and I said she's different and I like that. and she replies with " :)) "

So now I'm lost.. what does it mean when girls reply back with short text like " : )) " and btw.. she replies pretty quick, I reply with time because I don't want to bore things down. especially since she has these short replies :l but I know waiting isn't making it any better.

and what do girls think when guys call them on the phone?


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  • It means that she's really happy, and trying to act casj. with a :)) , ha ha I would do the same. Don't call her on the phone until you think she wants to be having long chats with you... Keeping flirting through the phone, and you may get a girlfriend ;)


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  • She replies quick with a smile which is a def good sign. You should ask her out.