How do I reply to this?

This guy sent me a text saying 'i wanna kiss you', I don't know how to reply lol


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  • Depends. Do you want to kiss him, or do you just want to be friends?

    • I wanna kiss him but I don't wanna say it like that, lol

    • Then how about trying something like the following examples

      "How you gonna do that when you aren't here?"

      "Then why aren't you over here doing that?"

      "How are you planning on doing that through a text? Don't you kinda need to be here for that?"

      "Well, are you going to come over and do it or not? I don't have all day."

      That way you keep talking about him kissing you, without ever turning him down, or directly saying that you want to. It also implies that you want him to come over to see you.

    • Thanks great answers :)

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  • if you wanna kiss him ask him what he's waiting for if not just talk 2 him and let him know

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