Is it possible for high school relationships to work out?

I'm just asking because recently I've been noticing advances from a girl who is currently in a very long relationship dating back to HS. It is obvious that there is a mutual attraction between us, but I'm not sure how to proceed.

Should I keep doing what I've been doing (playing/flirting with her), stay away, or make a move?


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  • Stay away. If she really wants you, she will break it off. Heck, you don't even know if she's for real, right? She could be mad at the boyfriend or whatever else catty behavior some girls do.

    If the attraction really is that obvious, you can even tell her how you feel, saying that you are very attracted to her, but you respect the relationship she has, and you are not going to wait around for her if she's unsure about the bf.

    • I've known her for about a year and she is not the flirty type, very shy when it comes to guys/romance. She only does this to me and its been going on for the past couple of months. I've not done anything past teasing and light flirting. She on the other hand has become very physical with me. I'm 29 and she's 27 btw.

    • It's so immature. She should just make a decision. This is unfair to you and the boyfriend. I would have a heartfelt discussion about this, preferably in person.

  • Meh, high school dating is like a trial and error.

    • haha isn't that the case for all types of dating?

    • Yeah, I guess so.

      In high school you go through more trials and learn what you like from there.

      If you haven't dated in high school, well then I guess you go through that in your adulthood.

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