Has the novelty worn off? Should I bother with this guy anymore?

Long story short, I've known him for about 6 months. And by know, I mean we are acquaintances. We both work in the same mall, he works at a food place, me at a clothing store. . it started out with him flirting with me, but I never thought much about it, so I was charming and funny and interesting. But then I started developing a thing for him, and I got awkward, nervous, anxious, jumpy. I'd compulsively lie (something I do when nervous), or say things that didn't make sense. I'd get weird around other people who worked there when they tried talking to me, and I am 99% they all hate me.

The other day I went to turn in an application he gave me to work there...and when I went back, he was gone and the door was locked because they were closed. They all just stood there and laughed at me. It took me 5 minutes to realize they were closed. Now, my patient is wearing thin..should I just walk up to him and casually give him my number the next time I order a pizza? I'd visit him every time I work (once a week) and get food from him. One time I told him to visit me, and he never showed up because they were busy...and I stopped going over there for a month. I went once a month later and confronted him about it (not in an angry or mean way) and he apologized explaining that he was too busy to leave and that he felt really bad and didn't mean to blow me off. I went over there once after that and acted like an idiot, saying things that didn't make sense, was really awkward, and pretended to need an application. I feel like he's not interested anymore, like the novelty wore off. I thought by visiting him less frequently he'd be more interested, but he's just less and less nervous around me, and I'm more nervous each time. if I make a move now, it's too late. should I let the whole thing go?


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  • forget this guy, make friends with people at auntie annie's or Mrs. Field's, you'll get a better hook up, free cookies and pretzels!

    or if you're into brothers you could stop by...the foot locker


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