Mature friend needs help finding a keeper!

My friend is 27yrs old and very attractive.

She can easily find guys that would have sex with her,

but none stick around to start a relationship, and that's what she

wants so badly. What can she do to get a guy more interested in her and not just her body? Where can she hangout to find intelligent men and not horn dog a**holes?


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  • Where's she live, 27 and very attractive huh? :D No but there's got to be a lot of guys around looking for the same thing. Yeah I think a lot or even most guys are just looking for sex though so as a girl you probably gotta be careful. I would think she would find someone just while living life or on a dating website if she really wants to be aggressive. I think its pretty hard to meet good people with similar interests and beliefs though.

    • Yes its hard to just "run into" an ideal lifemate. She's an artsy person who works in a restaurant kitchen and didn't go to college and I'm basically her only friend. She knows she wants a big manly man but all I ever see are thugs. Any advice on how to approach a guy she might be interested in?

    • I don't really know. At 27 girls never seem to approach guys. What they normally do is give a guy a subtle smile or some kind of sly acknowledgement that guys have very little ability to understand. If she thinks a guy looks interesting the worst that can happen is rejection but I think women are even more scared than guys at approaching someone. The easiest way would probably be a dating website but I have 0 experience with them. I'd try eharmony probably, seems more serious than the rest.

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  • Again, we all have to let go of standards... there is no standard place to find good guys who aren't horndog a**holes -and any place that does pose as a standard and therefore poses as a place of cheap sex, you're bound to find more horndogs than usual.

    BTW, nothing against horndogs, but I'm in this for love.

    So getting back to your question... any place is the right place with the right attitude. You can find good guys anywhere if you bait em properly... RORI RAYE!

  • where is she looking now? I would look in book stores, library's, online dating sites (as a last resort), places where it seems like try starbucks. I would not have her look in clubs or bars.

    • Bars. Which are mostly misses.

    • I feel that most guys at the bars are there to get tipsy/drunk so finding a guy to have a relationship with, to me won't usually happen. How about at work

  • for starters she could stop putting out with those guys so easily.

    • I agree. But I do understand her lonliness takes over her actions.

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