Should a guy text another woman?

If a guy just started dating someone in his office should he be texting someone else that also works with him?


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  • 1) Women are people, they can be colleagues, friends, or date possibilities... If he has friends that are women he will continue to have friends that are women regardless of if he ends up committing to you. 2) As you said, you just started dating him... Going on a few dates doesn't equate to being in a committed relationship. Until such time as you two are comfortable with each other, and decide to sit down and have that exclusive talk, he's free to date other people as well.

    He's probably know her for a while and talks to her regularly. He's decided to date you, not her. So, you might want to try trusting him... A relationship will never start without a good deal of trust. If you try to get all controlling on him, he'll walk. If you try to tell him he can't talk to other girls especially when you just started dating, he'll think you are crazy.


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  • If you mean dirty texts the no he shouldn't. If it's just normal texting then yes, nothing wrong with that

  • No ...A man should lose contact with other women...If a woman starts dating is it not right for her to text or to call other guys and also men should stop texting her.

  • Main ? for you you trust him?


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