What is the best way to get a girl who wants to single to stop playing the field?

I like this girl, and she likes me (she talked about being a couple, walking down "relationship road," and meeting each others families, etc.). But she is afraid of commitment since she got her heart broken by her ex of 2 years or more, recently. She is currently set on "playing the field" and doesn't want a relationship even though she's said she knows it'd work out between us, and her friends have told me that too, and that she also has strong feelings for me.

I know she's seeing someone else now too. But I am curious as to how I can get her to change her mind? I know she has feelings for me it's obvious. What is my best chance to get her to want to be exclusive, and stop playing the field? Need some advice here please.


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  • Many have tried...all have failed. You can't change a woman. She has to change on her own.

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