Im unsure of what to do ...

basically this guy was telling me how he was planning to come to my town this weekend. He said he woulndt promise aything tho..than on Saturday he asked me what I was doing this weekend and I asked him and he said he was thinking to come to the city..and that was it

now should I wait until he brings it up again or should I ask when he's coming or if he's coming at all? Or is that desperate? I was thinking of asking tomorrow..should I text him or say it on chat?


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  • I'm thinking that, that guy is shy to ask you out for a date, or he is planning to do it later. (if this is your first time date)

    My opinion is that you should let him to call you out for a date. If you talk again and he doesn't brings it into the conversation, you can do it. You can try to drive the conversation in a polite way to make him ask you out (how to..?that's a question for the female side..). Because if you do that, it turns you out to be abrasive. Which is a "minus" for a girl, from my point of view.

    But as I said above, you can try to drive the conversation into that direction. And in case he's shy to ask you out, this will only help him/ make him to be more self-confident, will encourage him to do it but even if he's not shy, that's a "plus" for you in his "eyes". You didn't do any bad with it. By asking about his coming, you show your interest of wanting to meet him.

    And yeah, you can ask him if he's still planning to come.. that's where you can drive the convo' in that way..

    If he really likes you, he should "stand by you".

    I hope this helps! :)

    Good luck!

  • He's waiting for you to clear the way for him! He needs to know that you would like him to come...before he sticks his little neck out too far...poor guy. I pitty the fool! You have all the can make or break him here. Its up to you. If you decide to reply...phrase everything in the form of a will drive him crazy...but will force him to take initiative.

    • i want him to come, he can't stay at my house..full house, how can I suggest a hotel room..

    • If you haven't already...tell him you're free this weekend...then say here are the hotels near my house...

    • It was stupid and rude of him to ask you if you're busy this weekend. In most peoples mind that means he wants to know if you're available from 5 pm Fri to Midnight on Sunday! You need to coach this guy on being specific!

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