At what point in a dating or in a relationship is it safe to reveal your past?

Do you think it is important to reveal certain things about your past to someone who you are considering (or are in) a relationship with? If so, at what point is it safe to reveal these certain things? You don't want to reveal it to them in the beginning right because if you did that to everyone you date, your business would be out there for everyone to know. So at what point is it best to discuss these things?


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  • After he meets the family. And only if they accept him. And vise versa for you, then I think it will only be cool to discuss previous problems of your lives.


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  • It depends what do you mean by "past", if you'll never gonna reveal anything, you will seem distant.

    But when it comes to something serious/sensitive, no faster than about 3months, but it also depends how often do you see each other, of course if you meet less frequently, it will require more time and vice verse.

  • Once it is a comitted and.exclusive relationship. Some people don't like to talk about it at all. But, for me you have to.learn about the past to find out who you have in front of you. Just disclose things over time as they come up naturally...


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