What if he just seems to not call as often? Bad sign???

When we first started dating, he called everyday when I got of school and just talk to me till I fell asleep or message me constantly. Now later in our relationship it just seems as he calls a lot less like late at night!

I don't know if its a bad sign or just me over thinking everything. Since when he does call my mind doesn't even care anymore!



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  • For some reason guys just do that. At first they will do anything to get your attention and get you to fall for them. And then as the relationship progresses, he gets comfortable and feels like he doesn't have to put forth much effort since he already has you and the chase is gone. It doesn't necessarily mean he's cheating or losing interest, sometimes guys just get comfortable and you may have gotten comfortable also. Do your best to look good when around him and add some spontaneity in your relationship.

    Talk to him about it, the only person that would know the answer is him. Now if he's showing any signs of cheating then that is when I would be concerned.

    • Thanks a ton!! :] Made me feel a lot better!!

  • Usually when a guy stops calling it means he's losing interest. it may also mean he's dating someone else...I'm sorry, I know it hurts but I'm just being honest. I've been through this many times and it doesn't get much easier to deal with. it just means he's not the one. cut your loses and date other guys but whatever you do don't become desperate for his attention. it will only push him further away. good luck

    • Its not in that way !!

      trust me I know he cares for me because he still calls everynight just to make sure I know he loves me! so I'm sure he's not thinking that

      I'm just wondering why the callings a lot less