Why doesn't he at least text or message me if he is really trying to reach out?

6 months ago,i took a friend off my Facebook and I stopped talking to because he was ignoring me. I'd call,text, Facebook message him and he would talk, or reply, but he would never initiate contact. I asked him was things OK between me and him and he said things were great. I felt like he was just leading me on. for a whole month he would like funny pictures and comments I make on mutual friends pages and "lol" at them.I continue to ignore him, but he recently liked a comment I made, but from his other profile.most people I asked said he is trying to inch his way into friendship again, but why not go about it the right way by contacting me ?

Hmmmmm,I dunno. If I had to take a wild stab in the dark, I'd say Since you were doing all the reaching out, he didn't think you would actually stop talking to him, so he probably knows he is wrong and want to patch things up without having to say sorry. Guys are stupid with their "pride".
Ignore the above, I thought I was answering a similar question some asked.


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  • get over it...theres planty of fish on the sea

    • I am over it, which is why I stop talking to him months ago, I was just wondering about his actions...

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