Dating a new guy

I just started dating a new guy about a week ago. We have hung out twice and each time they have been great. He has never called me, only text and instant messaging. It is now Friday and the last time we hung out was on Tuesday night. Since Wednesday he responded back to my text once, and Thursday he instant messaged me knowing that I wasn't online.

Am I wasting my time, is he interested? Needing advise and bad, I don't know if he is interested, if this is just his personality or what? Please help!!!


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  • He's not desperately interested but I wouldn't rule him out yet. New relationships take patience...I bet you are crawling out of your skin right now, though, it's sooooo frustrating not knowing! I like to put myself in the drivers seat and date more than one person at a time - have a Plan B. That way I'm not waiting for that damn phone to ring. :)


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  • A week is nothing. You girls stress about that stuff way too much. Besides, the fun is in the beginning when it's still a mystery.


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  • Maybe he 's scared to talk to you-----you know a lot of people aren't scared to write or send messages----it's harder to say stuff then to write them.....but I would be worried about him, too...I prefer to talk to my boyfriend on the phone then sending messages though, but most of all I prefer to see him...that's a tough one he might be interested but have a funny way of showing it.

  • If he doesn't want to talk to you every second of the day, every day of the week, he doesn't care. Don't waste your time over someone who won't spend time on you.

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