I'm going out with this guy I thought I liked, but I think I like someone else, what should I do?

I'm going out with this guy that I thought I really liked he asked me out a few weeks ago after we'd spent 3 weeks playing truths and talking and getting closer, I went out with him once before but only for 3 days.

recently I went to a school disco and my crush from junior school was there, it's the first time I have seen him in 2 years. After the disco we have been talking on face book a lot and he has complimented me calling me beautiful and sexy and even went as far as asking me out, of course I had to say no as I'm not the kind of girl who cheats on people.

the thing is I think I'm starting to like him again but I don't want to dump my current boyfriend if nothing will happen between me and this other guy.

Please help!<3


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  • you've only been going out with the other guy for 3 weeks, are you definitely even boyfriend and girlfriend? Going on a date with someone does not equal boyfriend/girlfriend status for everyone. You can mention it to the guy that you are meeting up with the other guy.

    You seem to be more concerned you might end up on your own if the old crush doesn't work out. You're happy to go out with this guy even though you like another guy, I don't think it's really fair to the guy. With matters of the heart you need to jump in, not dip your toe in the water(or whatever the quote is) You can't just keep going out with someone because you are afraid the other guy might not want to go out with you. You're cheating yourself and him then.

    • yeah we are deffinatly going out.

      i guess it isn't really fair to keep going out with the guy but I don't want to dump him then find out I like him more