Can you please tell me what's happening here?

My friend and I are finally talking again after more than 10 years of losing contact. We've been talking and texting for 5 months now almost every week since Sept. Suddenly he stops calling/ texting me for 7 weeks... Do you have any ideas what's going on here?

In the past there are times when we usually don't talk say maybe 2 weeks max. Yes, I do take turn to initiate the phone contact and send him messages through yahoo also (he always respond back, and since I usually be the one first to initiate I didn't reply him back ). Could this be where the problem lies?

Thanks for your time.


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  • Because you didn't reply back, he disappears for seven weeks? No, doesn't make any sense to me. I think you should go through what happened before he disappeared; like if you said something hurtful to him; if he was angry about something, if he had some troubles with his family/friends, etc...

    Maybe something went wrong in his life and he has to deal with it. I think you should contact him once more asking if he is Ok. I'm concerned if something bad happened to him.

    If he is distant because you didn't reply as you said up there, then this guy is really immature. I wouldn't do that. If I'm mad at you, I'd tell you right away.

    All in all, send him a very sweet message asking how is he and that you hope everything is going great with him. Ask him to contact you ASAP because you are worried about him and that you care alot. This should do the trick. :)

    • I appreciated your sound-advice reply. Thank you. I don't remember saying anything hurtful or inappropriate to him. I hope you are wrong about something bad happens to him because that would break my heart. Anyway let me ask you this: don't you hate it when you always have to be the first to initiate any contact?

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    • Thanks for your insight. Friend finally contacted me through Yahoo; I responded back and even texted him back with load of questions...

    • I hope he gives you reasonable answers. Thanks for BA. :)

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