How often do you feel completely connected with someone you are dating?

I had this happen to me twice, once with my first boyfriend when I was 18, and now again at 26. We have only been dating a couple months and I never felt awkward with him or disconnected, not ever during sex, or when we are in a car together, most of the time its just us hanging out together and even if we don't say a word its still comfortable. I was just wondering how often this happens for people who are dating? and what makes you feel disconnected from a person?


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  • I think forme I feel disconnected from a person I'm dating when the person starts lying and starts acting funny or different. I respect a girl more who is honest and keep things real with me then with somebody who lies and I catch them in lies. Also to I think if you don't have no feelings or emotions for a person your dating. That can make you feel disconnected to them. even if the lack of communication is way off. I can be around a girl and have her be silent and shy. But not if she does it all the time. These are some things that make me personally feel disconnected from a girl a I'm dating.


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