Am I taking a step forward with this girl in this conversation?

So this girl text me first out the blue wanting to hang out. So we were texting each other, and I made her a promise that would do it and I was a man of my word. This how it went...

Me: I promise I will make it up to you next time. I'm a man of my word.

Her: OK. :-) that's a good thing

Me: Yes I know it's a good thing

Her: :-)

Me: Check that off the list

Her: lol :-)

Me: one out of ...

Her: lol I never made a list

Me: I'm just saying

Her: Ohhhh lol

Me: I'll let you have fun with your friends and I will talk to you later.

Her: OK :-)

What do you think about this conversation? Good or Bad?


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  • Haha ya its pretty decent step forward! Your letting her know your interested in her and you want to hang out. I pretty sure she's catching the message

    Hopefully everything works out!


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  • That is flirting, she's interested. Try to keep the bound going. :-)

  • cute...flirty...and fun...when girls go outta the way, to add smiley faces...thats a great sign, its extra steps she didn't have to take...but she conscious or subconsciously there is just that extra little thing she did...dont text her again...let her text you drives girls crazy if you dotn text good luck...


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