She's in love (supposedly). I am (in her), but is she in love in me?

shes; confident dedicated independent beautiful doesn't reply to texts that are seemed unintentional on Facebook and texting me and friends. hard to figure out because lack of hanging out with.

we; are friends since middle ages till adulthood, not close communication meet on Christmas on a family dinner and a text message if Facebook status or twitter if creep says a important situation like a car crash or accepted to a college. that type of relationship.

she; few years back called me like her brother but not followed along with it now I assume its just whatever.. last Christmas we say each other; opposite side tables eye contact later she sat by me ended up touching legs I didn't move mine because I liked it and she was OK with it

me;thinking she's comfortable with me and trusts me enough to touch, but I want to think else. there we first hug hi and bye (at the dinner)

us; later in two month I text her when her mom came over and she didn't she said she was planing to but didn't because her mom said not to. pre ended conversation was she; I hope to see you very soon smiley face let me know when your in the area or free. me: a chair whiskey and a rope neck broken bottle..

me: ended conversation with putting the pressure on her letting me know when she's free because she works.

she; loves music goes to concerts Facebook creeping she was frustrated or made a frustrated impression when I tried testing her if she likes me on Facebook (me and my friend were talking about leaving the state for a few years and she's like I need my brother and best friend right now and her mom later said she was crying because she didn't get in a university in Cali but when I asked her during text encounter she said she's excited about college in our state and that she wasn't crying but her eyes were just red) same situation.

she: or me creep on her twitter where she talker a minute ago about a cute guy at a coffee shop but were not friends on there and that information isn't on Facebook where we are friends.

she; seems to be interested in art I'm an artist her Facebook favorite quote invitation to the intimate by paul bond - whether we verbalize it or not we say here's my hears you can keep it but return it whenever you please or something..anyway me: a coincidence OK hope its fing not and she's in love with me...

coincidences about the my test about going away maybe most likely about me being an artist and that was just a poetic literal insightful quote most likely. but my heart isn't accidentally attracted to her. I will find out if she likes me or not in a few months when I take her out but before hand id like to get more information trying not to be a fool if I want to give her a kiss

oh and her mom said for me to draw her portrait and she knows I've started it and she changed her profile pic to that picture


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