Why is he taking months to ask me on a date?!

Its been 4 months of constants texts from him, but he says he's been busy with school and work. We met 4yrs ago in high school. He tried hitting me up before but I had a boyfriend. Now that I'm single he's been texting for about 4 months. He confessed he liked me in high school. Now he says he is interested and flirts through text but doesn't ask me out. I've told him I am interested in him too but he just says he's busy with work and school when I confronted him in texts on what is it that he wants, and he told me he wants to date me but he just needs to have time. I have seen him going out with friends on Facebook so he doesn't seem so busy >.< He used to text everyday and now he texts at least every 3days. He still gives flirty texts but we are still not moving anywhere, I feel I'm waiting on something that will never be. Any advice? Ps. We live in the same city and I know where he works and we still have not seen each other since high school other than pics.


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  • This isn't going to happen. He made the mistake of trying to poach you and his ego can't take the second best you gave him before. From the sounds of it he's a jerk ...

    • Thanks, I guess I got caugh up =\

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  • Its simple. Ask him if he really wants to go out with you on a date. If he say yes, then pin him down and say, OK, when? Just straight out ask him for a day. If he gives you a wishy washy answer, then tell him that your not going to wait forever.

    • I told him 3weeks ago that I felt this was going on forever and he was not givong me any hope of anything. I asked if he's playing me or serious, he told me to.please wait for him that he is busy in work with this shift that soon will be over. So I don't know if I should continue to put myself out there, I've asked twice pretty straightforward questions.

    • Hmmm, I would move on then. Ignore it when he texts and look for a new guy. He seems like a jerk to me, so yeah, just move on.

    • He is a shy, nice guy or at least he WAS, so I find it hard to believe, but I guess he is those kind that are sneaky and sweet talk


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  • It seems kinda silly, you can ask him to go somewhere if you want, nothing wrong with that. But tbh there's not much point in that when he won't get off his ass to ask you out. If I were you I'd move on!

    • I know right, I usually am not the type to be waiting on a guy, but for some stuid reason I stuck around. I'm not desperate for a relationship rigjtaway but I don't mind going on a date. I've turned down a couple of guys because I feel something can happen between.me and him. I need a slap jajaja I don't know why I'm sticking around.

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    • Don't you hate that 'false hope' you just hang around just cause! arrr

    • Dont get me wrong, I'm talking to other guys too but I hate the thought of him thinking he's my #1 priority. But il take your advice, il tell him if he wants to go out its now or never. Thanx for the slap jajaja