Why the blow off!? so confused?

I met this guy a little over a month ago. At first I wasn't too into him. Felt as if he came on a little too strong. Called me babe and what not right off the bat. I was straight up and told him I wasn't ready to date anyone . After about 2 weeks I decided what the heck I will give him a chance , he was so persistent. He bought me a massage, brought me flowers to work along with medicine because I was feeling sick, he called me daily and texted me throughout the day, he has two little girls that he has full custody of and works a lot yet ago found time to get a hold of me daily. He kept saying how much he wants a serious relationship that he likes me so much! That he wanted to take care of me and my kids , told me I was amazing beautiful special everyday! Anyways I ended up caving and went to lunch with him and we planned a date this Saturday. Anyways I ended up going to his house last Saturday and we ended up sleeping together. Stupid mistake on my part I think because I really liked him. Figured that he would just blow me off never call again. But he ended up bring me lunch to work the next day. The day after that I noticed that he wasn't texting as much , didn't really think much of it as he's busy, I'm a single mom as well so I know how that goes. Anyways this week he has been very distant, doesn't really respond to my texts and we have not talked on the phone at all. So the night before last he texts me and says he misses me and wants to see me. I had things going on so I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it . Told him to stop by my house when I got home. No reply. I ended up finishing early so I text him and say hey If you still want to see me I finished up earlier than planned and would like to see you too, I got no reply! I don't understand what happened here. I want to tell him how rude his actions were, but don't know if I should don't know if I should if I should ignore him now if he even gets a hold of me. Why would a guy go through so much trouble to pursue me only to leave me hanging , any advise would be awesome.


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  • Don't tell him anything...he should return if he really likes you, but next time don't sleep with the guy so fast, you know how they think! sometimes we act like that because we feel lonely and don't think of consequences!

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