I would to text her something, but I'm not sure if I should...

Ok well me and this girl are in a kind of weird situation right now. It is not even a big deal, we are both just over reacting on the whole situation. I don't really want to get into details with that right now, (if you want to know the situation, I can just message if and you can give me some advice/tips). All I know is, I think she wants to talk to me, I would be surprised if she wouldn't but the past few days at school we have been ignoring each other and acting like there is nothing bad going on. The problem is that we are in the same group of friends and I really care about her and pretending like she doesn't exist is not in my favor; I really hate it as a matter of fact.

Now, she is the type of girl who hates talking about her feelings and whenever I guy gets close, she kind of backs off. She does this little game that she pretends like life is just gravy and she laughs and smiles a bunch more with some of my friends, girls, etc. My best friend told me to try and beat her at her own game, which I did and I think I was actually beating her (I was acting like nothing happened and joking around with her friends, well our friends:P. Basically trying to block her out) but in the end, it seemed to have made her seem depressed.

She has done "this game" to me in the past and it made me feel really bad and she never apologized or anything like that. Right now, I am feeling bad that I'm doing this because it is really mean and wrong and its not in my nature to these kinds of things. I'm trying to stop, but whenever she walks by me, she doesn't even look at me.

I know if I just start talking to her, we can become friends again since out of everyone in my school, we are the most similar in a way that we do the same hobbies and have the same interest, etc. So, I just need help on how start talking to her again because like I said, she means a lot to me and I hate this pretending sh*t that my friend told me to do.

I was thinking maybe text her like a question, could you do this for me? And hopefully she'll respond. But, I was thinking maybe I should bring our little situation up, the fact that we aren't talking anymore. I want to bring it up, but not offend at the same time. I'm really bad when it comes to talking about stuff like this and most of the time I end up making it worst. I would need maybe an actual play by play advice to make sure I don't screw this up.

In the end, I hate this situation that I'm in, but I can fix it. If you read this far and you want to help, please let me know! I care about her a lot and I can't bare dealing with this crap anymore! Any answer is greatly appreciated! Thanks:)


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  • when it comes to talking about stuff like this, we are all bad :)

    but you must try, because if you don't things may stay the same, and I believe you don't want that.

    don't text her! talk to her!

    Why don't you start walking to her? I think that's a good idea.

    So, next time when she walks by you like you don't exist, turn in her direction, and start walking with her, and smile, or say just hi. when she smiles back (I hope she will, then say hi and turn back to where you were).

    If you see each other often, you can do that for 2,3 times (if you think that won't piss her off). I think this is cute.

    the last time when you do that, walk by her till the place where two of you are alone.

    then tell her that you miss her, that you miss her smile, eyes, laugh or something that you love about her. and don't let her make jokes. be serious and gentle and ask her can you talk something private and make a date with her.

    good luck!

    P.S. she likes you still. how can you tell? she wouldn't try so hard not to look at you- if she wasn't into you :)

    • Thanks! This is really good help, but things haven't changed yet. I'm not sure what to do, I love that walking with her idea, but I think it would make her a little uncomfortable. Maybe some baby steps? I will do that walking thing though, its an awesome idea! Any ideas for baby steps?

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    • Wow you've got some good stuff! I like those too:P Any other ones haha?

    • hehe :) thank u! maybe, buy her a treat, like cookie, and give it to her, or leave somewhere she would find it :) woman like sugarrr :)

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