Please, help me decode this boy?

I don't know him at all, only seen him in the hallways. He looks at me sometimes and I look at him. When he's with his friends though, he doesn't seem to notice anything around him but his friends. Also, my sister said he used to look at her and I'm not sure if he has a girlfriend. All I know is that he's pretty and he looks at me sometimes and today he looked away right before I smiled at him.

anyway, what's his deal and what is he thinking and ..what should I do?

ps. I'm willing to ask guys out, I'm just reluctant because I don't know if he has a girlfriend or not (saw him holding hands with a girl like 1-2 weeks back but there's nothing on Facebook and I Haven't sene them together since) and because I'm scared he may like my sister.

I hate how it's so complicated.


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  • Do you have friend in common with him if so ask them If he has a girlfriend or not, get them to invite him out with a bunch of you and then get to know him. Next time you see him make sure to smile at him when he is looking at you. Say hi your so and so aren't you I've seen you around etc

    Once your on talking terms you can casually drop in your so and so's sister and you'll be able to find out if he has a girlfriend or not.

    Hope that helps :)

    • yeah, we have no mutual friends at all. he was looking at me today and he looked off just before I smiled at him, or maybe he noticed and ignored me, should I try smiling again?

    • Yes if you catch him looking at you

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