Interested in 2 guys.. girls I need help!

i recently hooked up with a REALLY hot guy from my class (everything just short of sex [best night of my life][im a virgin]),

hes 25 I'm 19

and would love to get to know him more. he says he's not looking for a girlfriend but he said he really wants to hang out over summer

second guy is a guy I've thought was GORGEOUS since I saw him in my 11th grade gym class. he's one of those tall skinny guys, and he seems pretty shy. but I guess he has a lot of friends (from what I see on his Facebook pics) and has a drinking day with his buddies every week.

thats sort of how I am, I'm super shy, but around friends, (and booze lol) I'm everyones friend!

he recently messaged me saying he thinks I'm really pretty and all that 8D so now I'm texting him..

thing is, I get really awkward when I know someone likes me before *I* even know them. that's happened many times in the past. but I'm trying to work on my shyness and could maybe work past that awkwardness..

and I tend to be more talkative around talkative people, if he's too shy I definitely won't say anything! and then we'll just sit there o__o

question is, is it okay to be texting/ trying to see where things go with 2 guys? I don't really get into these situations (being shy and all) but I always thought girls who lead multiple guys on were just being slutty...

which guy seems like the better choice? for me? which would you choose?


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  • I think you SHOULD definitely get to know both guys. You aren't cheating because you aren't technically dating neither one of them. Once you choose one of them to date, you'll have to stop flirting with the other guy. Until then, they're both yours.

    I'm saying you should get to know them because I feel that you haven't made up your mind yet of which one to choose. You have to get closer to them and see which one your heart and mind will choose. Don't try to make a decision when you don't fully know them.

    Another thing to add is : Focus on their actions, not words: see who is there for you when you need him, who calls in when you are sick, who is supportive, who is genuinely caring, etc...

    Enjoy your life. Make good decisions! :)


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