What's Going On in His Head?

So I've got some problems with an ex of mine that I wold like some outside insight on. Here are the things you should know:

1) We dated for a month after he asked me out.

2) He was the one who ended it because he didn't think our personalities matched up well enough.

3) We decided to stay friends and were hanging out after a week-long break.

4) Not too long after that, I learned from a mutual friend that he wanted to get into a friends with benefits type of situation with me.

5) When I confronted him about it, he said his reason was because he still felt chemistry between us. I told him that I didn't feel respected by him and we haven't talked about it since then even though we're still communicating.

I know no one will know for sure what's going on with him, but does anyone have any idea what might be going on here that I can't see? Please help, and thanks.


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  • Do not fall into the the friends with benefits rubbish with this guy as if he cannot commit to you as a boyfriend, then why should he use you just for sex. He clearly is a confused guy and it's not fair on you to be used like this.

    Up to you, but would you rather see a guy and be emotionally connected to him and him being a boyfriend? Or would you want to be used for sex by someone who used to be a boyfriend and is now an ex?

    • I definitely agree with you, and I've all ready told him my disinterest in the friends with benefits thing. But what I'm curious about is why he's doing all this and still feels "chemistry." What does that mean?

    • To put it bluntly, when he says he still feels chemistry is him pretty much saying "look we can't be boyfriend and girlfriend, but I think you're fit and would like a shag with you". I'm glad you don't wanna go down the Friends With Benefits road, you'll only feel used and hurt in the end. My simple advise is tell him to respect you purely as a friend and I advise you look for another guy for a Boyfriend and let this go on that aspect. You deserve better.

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