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Me and this girl have a bit of a past, we were never in a relationship or anything but things were potentially going down that road, we went out a few times and I stayed at hers one night, but I hesitated to make the actual move and by the time I got the balls to tell her how I felt it was too late, assuming I wasn't interested she got over me essentially.

We stopped talking and didn't see it each other for a few months till my birthday when she text me, after this we saw each other a couple of times (she came into the bar I work) and I text her for new year.

A few days ago it was her birthday and I decided to repay the nice gesture she showed me and I text her, the next day she replied saying thanks,saying she had a good time and asking how I was. I replied saying I was good and joked about being positive (I was saying everything was down hill now that she was getting old) and asking her and she said she was glad I was good that I always was positive and she was the same old.

Do I leave it there or should I carry on ? I'm not sure if she wants to carry a conversation or is just being nice.

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  • Leave it, she made it clear she wasn't interested in anything, friends or other.
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  • There's absolutely no harm in making another play, but don't p**** foot around taking too much time again. You made that mistake before.


    If you make a play for her now, accept that she may say no, and just make the play. you might get lucky, you might not. But at the very least, you can show her two things

    1) You are interested

    2) You're not the timid wuss you were last year.

    If only every guy could learn from your mistake. Far too many kids waste too much time, and give the interested girl many months to get over them before making a move. Too little too late.


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  • You should carry on this seems interesting but if you really want her then you should


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