How do you start relationships on the internet?

Some girl replied to my email and she wants me to write her again its something I haven't done before, talking to girls in person is something a haven't done before I'm too shy and anxious I usually run away from the ones that make themselves available, I thought this was my best way in with a girl but still I have all those doubts. What do I say?


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  • The same thing you do in person, just ask questions and listen.

    • i've never talk to a girl in person I'm still working on getting my first one

    • Start with obvious stuff. Where'd you grow up? family size? what do you want to be? pets? hobbies? music? Because it's through email there's low pressure cause you have time to formulate a response. The key is to be comfortable asking questions and just following the lines of the conversation. Try and keep the questions personal cause you're trying to get to know her obviously but here.