Think she was interested but I came on a bit strong

she's a local girl that I meet at a pub , think honestly that she was interested based on what I observed when I saw her . but I think I came on a bit strong and made too much eye contact when she was in the bar and also sat beside her at bar when she was with gf's. I guess you could say I came on too strong and maybe turned her off aftering initially having her interested . where do we go from here ? is she still in play or did I waste my chance


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  • I think you're half way into losing your chance. So just step back a little & maybe tell her that you're sorry for coming on too strong

    • thats what I was thinking , although I don't know about the apology as we don't know each other that well . maybe I should just play it casual if I see her at bar again and not hit on her so much

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