Should I go back to him?

This guy and I dated for the past month, where there was no sex at all or anything physical actually. He is a virgin to be honest. We agreed we enjoy our time together and we just get along well, I mean we basically just get each other even if we say the stupidest things. he calls me a dork and I say he's ridiculous whenever he says something that will drive me nuts. Since it is the end of the school year, we of course had to discuss on what was going to happen with us since we weren't official. We were at the point of hanging out just whenever and not have anything be planned. We are in the same student group too, and we would text all day otherwise. Toward the beginning of the relationship, we went on dates and just hung out, but once clothing started to come off and when sleep over occurred, there were fewer hang outs and more "only sleep overs and texting".

For the summer, he said he didn't want a LDR because he will be home, working 3 jobs and taking a course online. He said that if I find someone then its understandable but he doesn't want me to. he said he wouldn't Because he would be busy and he doesn't like anyone in his small town. I was kind of ticked off about it because all I want from a summer thing is flirty texts, or even texts saying "hey how are you doing?" Those simple of ones make my day to know he is thinking of me. Also, he said he would call or Skype, too, but we would be just friends.

After that, we started to be more conscious about that talk we had. We still texted everyday but we did not hang out as much. One day we studied together and I walked him back to his place and he decided to walk me back to my place instead. I confronted him by saying we never go out anymore and I feel like all we do is hook up or be physical and I said its not what I want he said he didn't want that either, Because he would have gone for a ho if that is what he wanted. he likes the fact that I'm respectful and not pressuring him to have sex but he says he wants to with me at some point. After that night we were going to be just friends even though he had not left to go home for the summer quite yet.

He still texted me everyday and they were flirty, but he says we are just friends so it kept on playing mind games with me. The night before he left, I told him I did not want to say goodbye to him and that I couldn't be just friends with him. and I didn't want to keep in contact with him over the summer. We have not spoken in a week already and it feels good too. Should I even get back together with him once the school year starts up again?


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  • Yah go ahead and give it a try.