Why the silence? please help

We have been talking for a while. Yes we have had sex. In the beginning he pursued me like crazy. Talked every night, texted all day. Told me How amazing I was. Brought me flowers, took me to lunch, brought me lunch the day after we slept together. Tells me he misses me, calls me baby, anyways the other night he said he wanted to see me and I told him that I had plans but would let him know when I got done. I got done early and texted him saying if he wanted to see me I was still down...no reply. The next morning he texted me the usual good morning and he missed me. I simply replied good morning and that I wasn't angry but was annoyed he blew me off. He responded that he was sorry he had to work late . Told him no biggie :) I'm a very straight up person no games. He knows this. Anyways last week we made plans to go on an actual date tonight . He brought up seeing me before Saturday earlier this week. Yesterday I text him and asked if we were still on for sat. I got no reply and this was after he had already been texting me all day. So I left it alone did not text him . I didn't hear from him till about one in the a.m. he said he was sorry but took some medicine and passed out and that he was going back to bed because he had to be up by 6 am. But said goodnight . I responded goodnight and said hey I hate to be pushy but I would like to know if we still have a date tomorrow and an answer would be much appreciated so that I can go home and be ready :) and yes it was late so I didn't think I would get a response but here it is a few hours after he was supposed to wake up and nothing! I'm a single mother and he knows arrangements need to be made in order for me to do anything . He's a single dad as well. I'm not asking much other than confirmation that we are still on. I've never been in this type of situation before and don't know how to go about it if he doesn't respond or just ignores the fact we had plans and texts me something random about how my days going. Any advice :)


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  • There's just something about this that makes me think "red flag!" And I'm guessing you've had this feeling about him too. It's not anything specific, he hasn't technically done anything 'wrong,' it's just that nagging intuition this just isn't quite right..

    First things first, he's totally disrespecting you by acting all elusive when you try to confirm the plans that HE made. I don't care if this is the busiest day of his entire life and he got a flat tire on the way to work and the President called him in on a top-secret FBI investigation, he is perfectly capable of giving you an answer... just like he was perfectly capable of texting you the entire day before that, and perfectly capable of "pursuing you like crazy" in the beginning.