Why did he say I don't talk to him?

My friend Jess talked to the guy I liked to see why we don't talk any more and she said he said "she doesn't talk to me". Then Jess said "thought I saw her try once and you don't really answer" then he said "I'm not good at talking to people but its not that I don't talk to her, she doesn't talk to me". then she said "say something! just be like sup!" then he said "haha no I cant" . Then she said "do you have a problem" he said "not at all" then she walked to her boyfriend. so she thinks he is just painfully shy around me. But I don't know he is a contradiction cause all I do is talk to him and everyone I know , knows that. So why did he say I don't talk to him? What is up with him?


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  • Maybe he's just trying to keep ya in the down low

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