How long until you realize you need to choose?

If you're single, got out of a bad relationship and have stated you aren't ready for anything serious yet. You're seeing 2 people now - both know. How do you choose, and when do you realize you have to choose? Even though you stated you don't want anything serious, you have to realize eventually you can't have your cake and eat it too right? What can make one of them stick out more than the other and have you choose them?


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  • Well if they are similar girls...and they both treat you equally well (seem to have equally high interest level in you)...then you look at which girl has given you more red flags. Go with the less red flags obviously. Their are endless ways to compare...but with me...if the girls are neck and neck in most categories...then the girl who asks me to be exclusive the one I choose. Typically the girl who asks first has the higer interest level.


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  • Sticky situation. I am kind of in one of those now. I have already chosen but am not ready to get serious. There are more details but I don't want to get into. The one I want, I hope he sticks around. I know he feels the same about me. Stick around until the other decides to leave is what is best in my situation.

    • How long have you been in his situation? How much longer do you think it can go on for before you have to choose?

    • this situation* not his.

    • Not long. I have already chosen but am not ready to be with the one I want. I want him but I don't want to be serious right now. I don't know how long he will wait for me.

      What I can tell you is that you can't force yourself to be ready, when you're ready you're ready that is all there is to it.

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  • You'll probably end up with none. Never pursue two girls at the same time.