Two guys? What to do

Ok so I have been totally crushing on this guy that comes into my work, I have liked him for ages. We had never really talked much (as I was nervous around him) but finally about a week ago we got chatting and swapped numbers. We have been texting since, everyday, just hi how's your day sort of stuff. I told him I think he's Hot and he told me he thinks the same about me. He hasn't asked me out or anything though. My problem is, is that a couple weeks ago I met another guy and we have been out a few times. I like the guy I've been out with too and he likes me a lot. What should I do? I'm so confused. I don't want either of them to think I'm leading them on.


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  • Be honest with them and tell them that you are dating around to explore your options. Let them know you will settle with whomever you have a deeper connection with (this way they are aware they aren't the only one).

    • Yes I thought that, but because I have only been texting one of them and we haven't been out, I wondered if I still need to tell them?

    • At this point your relationship with him is fairly new, so you don't need to tell him anything. Until he starts dating you regularly then you can bring this up in conversation.

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