I had sex with My Guy friend, need help

Last year I met him at my business place, since there He had been so good as a friend to me, he's always around me, giggling and cuddling, We also tease each other we were so close ever since, just April 14th, We got durnk and we kissed, then he said he like the kiss, he was looking forward for another kiss, then after few days we kissed again, then we got drunk with some friends of ours , I was getting jealous when I saw him texting to other girl, so I pretended to call other man, as I was calling he came and ask me who I was calling? then I told him just no one.. then he said nothing.. after that I pretended to be texting he said who are you texting to? I told him no one, then he sarcastically showed me his text message to that girl he was texting to, the girl apparently was saying iloveu to him, so I burst out I also told lied to him that I kissed other guy, and we didn't talk for about almost a month, last Friday I asked him if he has feelings for me he told me he doesn't have... last night we were together with our friends until there we decided to get sex, so we've done it.. so I really want to know what to do now?

Oh... my god!!! I never expected that this post was years ago!!! our relationship had. been for years... He didn't had girlfriend since then but it was clear that our relationship is friends with benefits. somehow until now I still don't know
I still don't know if he has feelings for me. I had several relationships through the years have pass. but he has been there all the time. We are still having sex until now. but I stop whenever I have a relationship with someone else


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  • Hmmm...So it kinda seems like you two may like each other but don't really know. So I don't really think you two know what you want. Sounds like you two (or him) just wanted sex and it was just lust/attraction instead of something more. Sounds like he sees it just as friends with benefits but you may want something more?


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  • If you guys feels jealous seeing the others paying attention or texting to someone they you both likes each other. and I can see that the relationship is progressing between you.

    So what to do now - try to know your feelings and each other. Who knows you guys may have the right sparks (and I am not talking on relationship based on sex only, I am talking about real relationship)

  • Play along time would bring you two closer


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