How would a girl know if a guy is still interested in you?

So, there's this guy. Well, I pretty much like him a lot in all honesty and we've been talking almost everyday now for a whole month. Well, it's just recent that we expressed our feelings for each other and how we like each other. We went into detail just to clear things out. However, I'm currently in the middle of having exams and been pretty much busy.. the other day though, I wasn't -- so I messaged him a simple-- hey, how are you? but no reply so I just didn't mind it. The following evening, I sent the same message as well but still no reply. I'm not panicking or anything but I'm just really confused what's going on. What is going on? Did he just simply ignore me and just stopped liking me within just a second? So yup. That's about it. Would be glad to hear any sort of responses from you all. Ciao


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  • Maybe he was busy with something that day didn't got the time to reply

    Dont stress yourself out get done with your papers first then go see him and m sure he would have a satisfactory answer for not replying to your texts that day


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