Guys, why do you text her after a first "date"?

if you met a girl in a bar or club and just talked, why do you text her a few days after?

is it sex or is it because you wanna date her? could she be a good friend? what are your reasons usually?

do you usually text every girl that gave you her number?


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  • I agree with toooldforthis, I'm not a fan of texting either.

    I'll text while she's giving me the number to make sure she has mine aswell.

    I don't ask a number without a reason, if I had fun with someone, I'll ask their number and attempt to get to know them better. Could be for friendship, a possible FWB or a relationship... I don't know what you where in his eyes thus its incredibly hard to answer on this.

    If I get a number and I wouldn't do anything with it, that girl might/will feel rejected because I asked her number and then didn't do anything with it... like I was some phone number collector or something o_O

  • This is a classic example of why I don't send text messages to women, at least in the early stages of dating. It creates confusion and misunderstanding. If I get a woman's number, I CALL her and ask her out.


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