Girls, is it a for sure rejection?

Her best friends says that she has really liked this guy for a while and that if I ask her out it will end in rejection, but even then she said that the girl I like doesn't talk about guys that much(she had to personally go ask her). So I took her friends advice and gave up a few months back. Recently the girl I like spoke to me and I felt like I had a chance plus I can't move on without knowing for sure if I would get rejected. Girls would I get rejected for sure if I asked her out?

P.S Someone had already told the girl I like that I liked her back in January and she started a conversation we had recently about each others backgrounds and family


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  • It could be either one, but honestly if a girls gets mad just because you asked her if she was choking then she seems like a handful to me :P

    Just talk to her more and be comfortable and yourself doing it , don't make it complicated!

  • Sorry, but I there is always a chance that you might, but that doesn't mean that you should hold back your feelings! Spend some time with her, let her get to know you a little better, and you will know when the time is right

    • Honestly I'm prepared for rejection, but her friend still insists on me trying to get over her. I just can't get over her without closure is all. Oh and she caught me looking at her and when I asked what had happed(she was like moving her hand and turning red after eating something) and laughed when she said she was choking she said in an exaggerated tone "Well why were you staring at me" Was she mad or just teasing me?

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