Does change happen if you don't give up? PLEASE ANSWER.

after a month of silence between you and a guy after 5 years of being together...if you have been distant from each other in distant cities, but you are back now...will you call a guy to meet up and talk about things face to face after a month of silence but waiting on each other to call? when I call him its nothing that gonna go wrong I just want to know will I be crazy or not breaking the silence bond I started..if I tell him I'm back home for good he's gonna be so happy


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  • It's gonna' be awkward, and that's always cause for hesitation. You just gotta' be mature about it and ask I guess. Life's gonna' be full of these awkward situations, but that awkward situation will be WAY better than saying nothing at all.


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  • There's no real way to answer this because everyone is different. In the context of the question... if it were me, I may be hesitant to "re-break" the ice. Mainly due to my already existing past of awkwardness. But like adam_808 said, its better than saying nothing. If all else fails, the worse that can happen is you looked like an idiot (or he) for a brief moment, and you two move on or get together (or something). But the worse thing that can happen if you don't ask him, is a long time of possible regret or wondering "what ifs."

    But you did mention "If I tell him I'm back home for good, he'll be so happy." Then I don't see why you should wait. It sounds like there shouldn't be a problem. I don't know what the silence was about or what not. You said distant cities, but that's not a cause for silence (especially with cell phones), so I'm assuming something happened... and whatever it is, if its bad, just look past it, forgive each other, and move on with life. Just hope for the best and be prepared for the worse is all.


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