Confusing Prom Date.

Well this guy asked me to rm with cookies it was really cute and I said yes. We talked a little before prom and the only time when out was i went with I'm to ck out the tux. Well I know he was really excited cause one of his friends told me and his mom told my mom at pics that he was excited and nervous. Well the Prom went great. I had a great time and thought you know this could be something. Well then after prom came and he kinda didn't say much. When he dropped me off he didn't even walk me to t door. text him the day after saying "Thanks and we would hang out again" "He said welcome and okay :)" I have no clue what to expect from this guy. I'm lost.


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  • Just smile at him every time you pass by him if you see him so he'll know you're comfortable with him and he won't be shy to talk to you or call. Other then that there isn't much you can do besides wait or think of an excuse to text him first.


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  • I think he's being a friend and that's about it.

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