Which couple are you most likely to go to with advice about your own relationship?

Which couple are you most likely to go to with advice about your own relationship

A: An elderly couple who have been happily married for 60+ years and never fought

B: A couple who have been together for less time than you and your SO have been but have had their ups and downs and still are together

C: A couple near your age who never fight or argue

Also, when is a couple deemed worthy of copying? Like, what do you look for in a couple if you want advice on relationships?


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  • It is not possible nor is it healthy to be together for 60+ years and not fight.

    I think every couple has advice, even the problems of other couples and not just their successes can make you especially attuned to the nuances of relationships and what might be good for you.

    I talk about my relationship primarily with people I trust who aren't going to judge me, which means people my age who want to talk about their relationship problems too, because nobody I'm with is in a perfect relationship. The ones who think so are temporarily delusional.


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  • I maintain my age group for advice primarily since they are just as well adapted to instant communication as I am. But don't get me wrong, ill accept advice from anyone


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  • I doubt there is a couple alive who has been together for 60+ years and never fought. I doubt I would go to a couple that had never had an argument for advice, what could they really help me with? I want to talk to a couple who has worked through their issues and came out better on the other side.

    • My grandparents have been together for that long and my grandmother maintains that they have never argued. Disagreed, sure, but never argued.