First Girlfriend Tips?

I'm thinking about asking a girl out. I'm 16 and she's 17. The only problems is that I have never had a girlfriend before, I haven't even asked a girl out before. She is a very pure girl, and I think we would be perfect together. Any Tips for asking her out, first date ideas, how to take rejection, etc. would be appreciated. Thank You!


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  • How you ask her would depend on the type of girl she is. It might impress her if you ask her dad first, or she might hate that. Some high school girls love attention, so sending flowers to her at school or writing it on her car might work. Some girls would tolerate (or might even prefer) a text or Facebook message.

    Probably the easiest way would just be to ask her to do something casual in person. Like, if you have an opportunity to ask her to study with you or something very casual and whatever she would most likely say yes to that doesn't put on a lot of pressure. Continue with casual ideas and gradually progress to more date like dates, and then ask her to be your girlfriend if that goes well.

    If she says no, no big deal. It might feel embarrassing now but you won't even remember her name in 5 years, trust me.


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