Why hasn't she replied back?

I went out with a female friend on Sat night (admit I have feelings for her but I'm not letting on and keeping her as friends). Anyway she seemed a bit off from the start and preoccupied with a guy she has just started dating over the last 2 weeks (since I last saw her). Anyway things got a bit off at times didn't speak as much, then on the way home we didn't speak much either. I text her next morning to say she seemed a bit off and preoccupied and she said felt the same about me. But she said she was sorry, I replied back saying OK no worries, she then replied back asking if we are OK as she would hate to lose me as a friend. I replied back saying we're OK and she replied back OK with a smiley. Anyway me being me, I felt I should send her a nice text this morning saying along the grounds she means a lot to me as a friend and a misunderstanding would not make her lose me as a friend, look forward to seeing her in a few weeks. She hasn't replied back nearly 5 hours later. She works but has ALWAYS replied back within an hour or 2 max. I sent the message on WhatsApp and she hasn't been online since about 9am today (I sent the text 10am). She must have got a notification and seen my name. Should I be concerned? Should I allow a few days more? Or shall I send her a normal SMS later if she hasn't replied asking if things are ok? I don't want any games!

I've been out with her as friends about 10 times this year an no issues.


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  • I agree with anonymous. You guys already patched things up, what do you expect her to say to the message you sent today? I mean, don't you get messages from people and not quite know how to respond to them? It really would make you seem needy, like you need constant reassurance. A person who needs constant reassurance is bloody annoying!

    Just assume the conversation has ended, act normal, and plan for the coming weeks without worrying so much what she thinks about you.

    • Thank you! You're both right, I'm just over reacting over something nothing. I'll just get in contact with her in a few weeks when we have planned a day out. Again normally I don't ever react with women I casually meet!

    • no problem, good luck!

    • It's nice to see what a girl might be thinking. I have strongly decided to keep it cool and if we meet up in a few weeks then great, if not I won't make any more effort and just move on from this girl. Thank you again!

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  • Your message was redundant, and doesn't need a reply.

    Making more messages at this point, really makes you look like you're needy, and not acting like a guy should at all.

    Relax. You're just friends. She doesn't like you in that way. You're not a couple. You never will be. But she may be getting the idea that you have feelings for her, and it maybe freaking her out a bit.

    • Thanks for your honest input. I did'nt wanna leave things negative and that's why I text her today. I emphasised how our friendship means a lot and will see her in a few weeks. I mean she replied back yesterday in mins. I just don't wanna leave things on a negative that's all. I normally don't even bother texting girls from dates so its just showing I care for her.

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