How to avoid awkwardness during afterprom at the club?

My date is from another school, so no one really knows him. The prom itself is no problem, but there's also an AFTER PROM, which is basically clubbing. He's coming along too-- will it be awkward? I mean, since he was my "date" at prom, does that mean he's still my "date" at after prom?

Obviously I'm one of the only people he knows, so am I supposed to dance with him at the club all night? I also have a pack of female friends too... would it be weird to dance with my girlfriends and also have my date there?

I need advise, suggestions, and some clearing up!


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  • This all depends on how sociable your date is. Think of it this way. If you were going to afterprom with all his friends, and you know none of them. Would you be OK with him leaving you to no one but complete strangers? Since he's going to your prom with your friends, it would be pretty selfish to ditch him.

    • Oh, I would never just ditch him! I guess I'll have to see how things play out- hopefully he makes some new friends and enjoys himself.

    • It might be OK if you're both hanging out with the same people at the actual dance.

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  • Don't your girlfriends have dates too? They can dance with them and you'll dance together.. and then the guys will make friends (guys make friends easily) and you can dance with your girlfriend.

    • Actually, most of them don't have dates- but that's a whole other issue! I guess my date can make friends with the few other guys who are there!

    • Yes he can. If he is an OK social type of guy he could even start doing stupid dance moves with the guys and fool around and you can have fun with your girlies

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  • it won't be awkward, if you are a sociable friendly young lady you should be able to meet a lot of people there!

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