Is it too late to make this work after one year and a half?

There was this guy who was perfect for me he had all of the things I looked for in a guy, handsome, chill out and super sweet. We were just friends getting closer and closer he was always telling how much he misses me and always making up excuses to talk to me or be with me, And I can honestly say he was the sweetest and most gentleman guy I've ever met. He even told a friend of ours that I was really cool and nice and I could picture us together.

But I ruin it all I began to feel so insecure and nervous around him that I sometimes ignored him and other things eventually he got tired and we stopped talking

Months later when I finally had the courage to begin talking to him again I found out he had a girlfriend and even then he still tried to talk to me but I was so disappointed I end up ignoring him.

Now I found out that he broke up with her and I was wondering if I still have a chance or he totally hates me ? Yesterday he was staring at me but didn't even smile

And if so what should I do? It's been like a year or something


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  • Honestly, when things go like this, there is a good reason for it. Don't apologize for feeling insecure and nervous around him. That often happens when there is something about the other person that somewhere deep down you know won't work out.

    I am a confident woman and usually have no insecurities in a relationship but I had one time where I was so nervous with this guy all the time we were seeing each other that I couldn't eat and kept losing weight. Well, guess what, somewhere deep down I must have known that he was not really emotionally available even though he was very nice to me. After a few months of dating he broke up with me. It was later that I figured out he was not over his ex and just trying to get her jealous. I don't even think he did it on purpose, more of a "I'll show her" deal that finally showed him he still wanted her.

    I think, unless you are nervous and insecure around any guy, that really it is your body's way of telling you something is just not right. I don't know that this guy totally "hates" you, I just don't know that things will go any better than they did before. Good luck!

  • It can still work. It's not like you had some sold relationship and something terrible happened and now you want to get back together. That would be much more difficult. I'd say it's best you start taking small steps by looking at him, even if he's doesn't smile. He could be thinking about the ton of work he has to do for that matter, be friendly by smiling at him and most definitely not by ignoring him. Keep your body language positive. If he starts to eventually smile back then you should consider talking to him, even if it's a simple hi. If it takes a while for him to start looking friendlier, then let him have it and be patient. He probably still thinks you don't like him or that you're angry at him because of your past behavior. But keep telling yourself that it's not completely over yet. You can still get somewhere here.