How to stop trying too hard in relationships?

Friendships, BEST friendships, romantic relationships.

i have been told that time and time again. and that I take myself and life way too seriously. I think and over analyze too much.

why is it so hard to just be me, and not feel like I have to impress?

am I the only one who feels exhausted, stressed and depressed from this? it radiates all around me.

in the end, it always ends badly with all my relationships, because I resent myself for putting all this effort and the other person hates me too because I'm 'fake'.

in romantic relationships, I try to please them or be the person I assume they want me to be. basically forming myself into them. and thus creating drama because of the hate-hate situation. I avoid being myself because I fear they wouldn't like or care for the real me

what was your realization in life to start giving no f you c k s?

i just want respect. have the attitude of like... katniss everdeen, you know?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well you just had this realization. Now keep it in mind.

    Mine came from a time when I was too kind and got used badly. After the (long) recovery time, I started to give less of a damn, and it's gotten better, really.


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  • In all types of relationship, you need to be yourself, if you can't act yourself you can't be happy, Don't try to be perfect because the perfect person doesn't exist, we are human and we're all full of flaws,

    The moment you start to speak up and say what you like and dislike you will find happiness because your're letting the world know who you are not who your trying to pretend.