Girls, how soon is too soon to call?

I just got a girls number. We talked for a bit, and as she was leaving, she asked for my name without me asking her. Then I got her number and said I'd talk to her later. She was talking a good amount also...

So I have two tickets to a concert tomorrow night. This other girl I was going to go with canceled on me last night for a legit reason so I was looking for someone to go with. I could also just sell the tickets. My question here is should I call this girl I met and ask her out to the concert tomorrow night? Is it too soon? I'm 50/50 on this idea. If I call her, it'd be showing her I really like her and that's not much of a challenge...and she could think I'm desperate/clingy. But if I call, we could have a really good time. But if I call and she says no for some reason(she's busy or doesn't like the band), then I'd be in a bad spot with her. That would lower her interest in me.

I want the best shot long term with this girl, so should I ask her to the concert or wait a couple days and ask her on a different date? I mean, if I ask her, it'd be less than 24 hours that I waited before calling and that's not the best strategy...

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  • No, just wait a little bit and ask her on a different date.
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  • I would ask her. I also think the sooner the better; if you wait more than a few days she might think you forgot about her/she might forget about you. I don't think it's bad that you'd be calling less than 24 hours after you got her number, just be like "I know it's last minute but I have an extra ticket..."


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  • the sooner you call her the better! if you wait too long, someone else might take her away

  • Yeah go for it.!

    • But wouldn't it make me seem desperate/clingy? I mean, I do really like her but I do have other options. I just don't want to come on too strong. I just met her, so if I take her to a concert that costs $50, she might start to think I'll bend over backwards for her...

What Guys Said 1

  • Don't worry about the concert; you'll have plenty of other opportunities to take her out. Give yourself a few days to calm down and plan a memorable (but cost-effective) date before you call her. If she's really interested in you, time is on your side.