Girls! Can a guy call you too soon after getting your number?

I just got a girls number this afternoon and there's this concert tomorrow night that I have two tickets to. My friend canceled on me so I thought I could ask this new girl I just met. But I feel like if I call too soon it could look desperate/clingy or that she's my only option. If I call, I would say how my friend canceled on me last minute and was wondering if she'd be interested in going. Only problem is if she says no, I'd be in an awkward position. If I don't ask her to the concert, I'd wait a couple days and call her to ask her on a different date.

So what should I do:

  • Call and ask about the concert.
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  • Wait and ask her out in a couple days.
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  • i say go for it :) if she says no, she might just be already busy and can't.. just ask another friend to go with ya and try again with her later to hang :)


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  • If she's really interested in going out with you, she'll be thrilled that you called BUT she could also be busy or something since it would be last minute that you asked her. :)

  • you can call her.,if she rejects then try next time say it was not her luck to go with you simple .and you would try to manage some other friend to go with you..


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