Would a girl ever kiss a guy on the first date to be just nice?

I was on a first date with a girl that went great. I knew this girl before but this was almost a blind date. It was coming up to the end of the date and I wasn't planning on kissing her goodnight. She seemed like the type that wouldn't want to kiss on the first date (more old-fashioned). But she definitely let me know, she wanted a kiss (body language, and leaning into me at the end, basically made the first move), so we ended up kissing. Its been 3 days but she seems more distance. We texted back and forth a couple times since then but she really doens't respond to my text near as much or fast since then and I've mainly had to keep the conversation going. She just might be real busy but I'm not sure. I know she told even before we went out that she was real busy with school but want to give us a shot because we seemed good together. Was she expecting me to call and not text? Did I do something wrong?

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  • I don't know about the calling thing because I wouldn't really care if you called or texted, and maybe she is just busy, but definitely, personally, I would never kiss a guy on the first date (/any date) just to be nice. A cheek kiss sure, but if she kissed you on the lips I'm sure she wanted to!


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  • honestly, I'm super shy and I would kiss a guy because I would think they expect it and if I didn't like them (or just felt too awkward) I would avoid them and not text back as much.

    but that's just me, I think you should keep texting, and if she really blatantly blows you off, on to the next one!

    good luck! :)

    • Better watch kissing because they "expect" it, because they "expect" a lot more too. Do what you want & feel comfy with.

  • Could be that she's busy, but I do think a girl would like to be called and not just text. That seems like something reserved for a friend not someone you want to date & get to know. You really should have called her the next day. She's probably wondering why you didn't.

    Make it up to her & call her asap & ask her out for asap. And remember, call her the next day.

    • Hey, guy. Listen, a woman who is into you would never put you off or have little to say to you if you are texting her. If she is interested, she'll respond to you fairly quickly. If she's busy, she'll say so. She'll say I'm really busy with work, etc., but I'd like to talk with you later. As far as kissing a guy on the first date to be nice...er, no. At least, I sure hope not. A woman with self respect wouldn't. A people pleaser might. But who wants that? They'd kiss anyone, right?

  • I totally agree with DebiPie!

    She could be busy but I think you should still call her! :)


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