Do guys like when a girl kisses them first, on a first date?

So I might end up going on a date with a guy a knew and Haven't seen in years, if the date goes well I might just kiss him, all this wait might have me making the first move jajaja...Do guys find this too over the top or is this okay? ps. a nice simple kiss, not a making out session.


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  • There is nothing wrong with a kiss on the first date. Most guys I know use that to measure if the girl likes them or not. It has nothing to do with sex, how slutty she is, or if she is girlfriend material or not. It is just a sign of affection.

    If a girl lets a guy kiss her, does that really make her less slutty than a girl that kisses the guy? Of course not. Most guys are not going to think a girl is slutty because she kisses them first. Now if you kiss them in the first minute of the date, and stick your tongue down his throat that might send the wrong message. lol I would wait until the end of the date before going in for a kiss, and keeping your mouth closed during the kiss, that way the guy knows you like him, but also that you are not coming off too strong.

    If a guy doesn't get a kiss at all on the first date, we tend to think she isn't interested in us and just doesn't want to hurt us, by telling us she isn't interested. Even if it is just an innocent kiss on the cheek, most of us need some form of kiss, or we will assume you don't want us to bother you anymore. Guys can be pretty insecure sometimes, so we need to know how you feel.

    Most guys get to the point they can kiss you first, but sometimes it is hard to read you women. Us guys hear things like, if a woman doesn't like you, then she will pay her own way, that way she won't feel like she owes us anything. Then you women think "I will pay my own way so that he doesn't think I am just using him for his money." So we end up misreading signals all night long. At the end we may think you don't want us to kiss you, so we don't bother trying to kiss you, or call you back the next day. One simple little kiss can really go a long way in letting a guy know if you want to see him again.

    • Wow, never thought about that :o Thank you, now I will use this for my future date. I guess just showing them how you feel will reasure things with him and he will feel more comfortable

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  • oh yes ... it takes the load off on trying to figure out what she wants

    • The girl below just made a point, won't you guys think the girl does this all the time in her dates, and you guys won't see her as a girlfriend material?

    • some guys maybe... plus depends on a lot of things

    • got you jajaja, I guess if we know each other good, it is okay, and if not, I would never do it

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  • Guys will like it. But will they see you as relationship material? No. Booty call? Yes. He's going to assume you do that to every first date you have.

    • Ive never kissed the guy first, but hey in one of my dates the poor guy was shaking his legs all nervous and biting his lip jajajaja I just wanted to get it over with. But yea you got a point, they might take it the wrong way =[

    • The easier you make it for him to think that you're interested, the easier it is for him to assume that he can get farther with you beyond that kiss. If you're not 100% sure what to do, I say let the guy make the first move. Plus, they love a challenge they don't want something too easy.

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