Is it better to wait to text him?

There's a guy I hang out with occassionally, but I'm giving him some space because I've been kinda smothering him the last week. I haven't seen him in over 2 weeks, and the last time I heard from him was Friday when I drunk texted him. I don't want to bug him and that's why I'm trying to give him space, but I miss hanging out with him :( I wanted to wait a week or so before talking to him again, but I really want to see him. What should I do? Should I send him a simple text? Ask to hang out? Or wait like I originally was going to do?


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  • It's not just about the text, it's about general behavior .

    Did he answer your drunk text, and how, if he did ?

    I mean, maybe he cares about you but needs space, or maybe he doesn't care that much.

    • He said he was going to the bar and an hour or so later his phone was off. I don't remember what I sent him but I think I was trying to booty call him. Oops.

    • So you got turned down. You should stop contacting him then.

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